Upcoming Events


Geek Meet 2003: June 27-29 in St. Louis, MO. Click here for details.

Coming up on the show:

05/04/2003:    TeamStudio -Nigel Chesire, CEO
                        Intuit - Scott Gulbransen Manager, Corporate Communications

05/11/2003:        Jeff Duntemann, Author of Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide

05/18/2003:        AMD will be on to discuss Opteron

05/25/2003:        Live from the American Bluegrass Festival in Alaska!
                            Live broadcast of the entire festival all weekend with a program
                            interspersed on Sunday Morning.

Note: All guests are tentative up until the day of the show. If a guest is not on as listed, sorry.

To see the current calendar, go to http://www.oncomputers.info/calendar.htm




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